12 December 2005- Berlin

Quickly after I came back from Japan (still jetlagged) Silas and I flew out to Berlin for a single day of promotion. The day was pretty busy, I was hoping to see some of the city (I’ve only been here on very few occasions and always for very short periods of time), but sadly that will have to wait till next time…

Now as you can plainly see there was no time for picture taking really, but here are one from my rather swanky hotel room and one of Silas in ROOM3 of the Sony building… notice the colourful cups on the table!

On another note, I want to bring to your attention a fact that we sadly and mistakenly failed to mention a couple of months ago, Mew were the guest editors of monthly UK art mag Blowback, I believe it was the October edition. We put a bunch of special goodness into it, spiced up with art contributions from some of our fellow Scandinavians whom we admire and are fond of. So, I don’t know, maybe you can find it somewhere still, if you wanna have a peek.

I wish you warm thoughts on these chilly days of winter, frengers.

– Jonas

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