on prince and tokyo

how i do do do love love love Prince.! biggest hero. most genius musician of my time. the reason that im so excited is that i just listned through lovesexy, his masterpiece from ’88. i saw him that year ( i had just turned 12 ) in copenhagen, and God ( or Satan, depends on the person i guess!! ), lets just go w the fashionable Allah, that was even better than the records. at this point off my story we have got to remember that i had seen Michael Jackson a year before on the Bad tour ( in gothenburg ), at the top of his career, a fantastic experience, but that night in parken in copenhagen, prince blew michael offstage. to the sound of Sheila E’s pounding the kick, he entered in a white cadillac w danser Cat on the hoodie. then one of the best private parties of my life began. the concert included amongst other basketball playing, making love to Cat in a bed, beeing shot by his band members, acting as police, after a police chase round stage, the tightest and best dancing band in the univers and more than 2 hours of amazing music… so where did i start out, i got carried away there for a moment. oh, the lovesexy record. well all i wanna say is, i have listened to that record probably in the area of 1000 times, and im still hearing new amazing details. go get it. where are we. ? we arrived in tokyo this morning, it is now late eve, im in my room and i still havent slept, which makes it almost 2 days since i last closed my eyes convincingly. we didnt have any promo or shows today, so we just walked around, feeling a strong urge to shop. especially our crew, led by our beloved JJ, have a serious gadget fetish going on! but im not too good myself, through out the few hours we spent i felt heavy urgesto buy at least 5 differt electronics devices. well well. tokyo is great. so i guess we are winning alot of awards at the moment. well why not. thanks to all you who have voted. maby we should give one away in a competion here on the site. hmm. yeah and we finished touring w Elbow. they seemed like nice guys and i think the match was good. and it was great to get to play at brixton. again, thanks to anyone who came out. im too sleepy, gotta go, see ya fringrinettoes Bo ooooo btw, mark koselek from red house painters are coming to scandinavia, earliest days of december, helsinki, gothenburg and malmoe. koselek is loved by all in the band and hes probably my favorite singer in the world. hes written amazing songs, and quite a few. go see him and say hi from us, we are in japan and unfortunately cant make it to any of the shows.

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