November 23, 2004

hi frengers. bo. here.

so weve got a new forum i hear, like it? yeeees, mmm, cosy enough..? its tuesday, its a grey day, NY and i arrived at the studio a little early. jUstin, the technician guy was here when i came, he had slept here, been up all night recieving files from biEnhorn, u no, that internet that, stuff we need for the last mixes. people have been working hard for this record, sometimes i cant believe it takes sooooo much time and effort to make this shit, but i guess thats one of the reasons that it accutally turns out so well. ohh so wellÖ

filipeTTi is doing a good job on the mixes, we go through every little detail w him, and its a great way to work. its gonna be quite a ride i think.

so, yeah, what else, get on w it! okay okay, got bid by a squarrel the other day, in the finger. i had gotten a little habit distributing parts of my wealth (my nut-wealth ) to the little uuhh its so cute’ies in union square, but sunday morning, on my way home i made a stop i shouldnt have! everything was going well, disney couldnt have staged it more beautyfull, untill this little drugaddictsquarrel w shaky nerves all of a sudden decided to spice up the dish, peanuts, w a little meat!! wroum, blod everywhere, birds taking of, clouds gatering – darkness! and i was thinking, still am acctually: do squarrels have rabies? hmmm, i hope not. as a cabbie replied to my how ya doinn the other day, IM STILL HERE!


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