November 18, 2004

hi kids, whats smoking? not me, im in NY w da boys to men and you cant smoke in NY, i woke up ass o clock this morning and i have walked around town for something like more than 4 hours i think it is i cant be sure. for a little part of the walk, from having te on 74th street leading into my walk in central park, i was pondering this record. yeah by now its like: does this record, the kid sister of the no longer an ignorant infant frenger, savior, excist at all? i mean all this talk, us talking, u talking – wheres the gd record is what i wanna know? lazy fucks! i have emtions that need to be reflected, yo! ( have you heard the new snoop song btw, snoops in the house maaa, ride it like a saab… )so does the record excist? NO! but it will. this week. no next week. mixing, final final mixing this week, maby next week ok, but then: done done done!

i will take the boys ice skating in central park tomorrow, d u there,


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