24 November 2004, New York

Hey frengers. Yesterday I was walking around Manhattan and all these Chinese Americans were demonstrating against the persecution of practitioners of Falun Gong, a form of meditation and lifestyle which focuses on selflessness, inner harmony and compassion. Falun Gong is a completely non-profit practice which has spread all over the world by word of mouth and volunteer teachers. But the Chinese president Jiang Zemin sees it as a threat as he fears it will overshadow his own legacy. And historically the Chinese government has been against all forms of spiritual beliefs and religion since the Communist Party took power in 1943. Falun Gong followers are tortured horribly every day and sometimes even murdered. It was the most peaceful demonstration I have ever seen, and I just felt like spreading the word, because that is the appeal that was put forward by the demonstrators.As for the album; it’s sounding even better than any of us could have hoped for, it’s truly astounding. But I guess you frengers are tired of hearing about it and not hearing it. I look forward to getting it out to you. That’s it for now, oh and also I included some photos for y’all.

Peace, y’all



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