Northside Miracle

We will have a proper photo gallery, review and setlist for you very very soon. In the meanwhile, here we have two photos. Why? Because we like to tease. Read the article with Johan Wohlert‘s fresh comments.



Photo credits: Philip Bo Pedersen

12 thoughts on “Northside Miracle”

  1. The last photo! My heart is just fdajhfgjsgf! <3 My eyes are teary! I discovered Mew at the time No More Stories was released. But I started loving them for the albums the four of them made together. Kites is especially my favorite. I received Frengers on LP yesterday <3 I'm going to have a listen today and think of Johan. I had a presentation about Mew for ten minutes in Music history class and mentioned how awful Johan was for leaving, but with an ironic tone. Theres nothing more important than for him to prioritize other things, like family and such.

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