Review: Mew with Copenhagen Philharmonic

The 50-minute semi-live album Mew with Copenhagen Philharmonic will be released next week (December 14th), but you can have a little read about it now on our reviews-page. Here’s the direct link to the review. Composed by Mew and Karsten Fundal Conducted by Hans Ek Produced by Karl Bjerre Skibsted If possible, before reading the album review,

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MewX Podcast

Today we reveal the project that we’ve been cooking up behind the scenes for the last few months: The MewX Podcast! In each episode, we aim to reminisce and talk nostalgia, as well as analyze and discuss everything about each song in the Mew back catalog. Hosted by Danish Frenger Thomas Dyregaard, this podcast also

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Frengers at 15 – “Sounds, melodies, tones, what are they really, to you?”

Goethe wrote that “music is liquid architecture; architecture is frozen music”. That being the case, it’s fitting that part of my 15th anniversary with Frengers is diaried to take place at the Barbican Centre in London. The Big Smoke, the Great Wen, Londontown, the city where plenty of the record was germinated; Mew‘s quintessentially non-British opus. And

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Live: The Circus

Helsinki, Finland (December 7, 2017) When Mew announced their Scandinavian tour, they took the geography of Scandinavia pretty seriously as initially Finland didn’t have a tour date. As Mew are known to be big fans of Finland, this was a bit of a shock at first. In 2014 Mew played their first show after Johan

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Live: Capitol

Perth, WA, Australia (September 13, 2017) Hidden away in one of the most isolated cities in the world meanders a handful of creatures known as Frengers. Wandering the landscape of Mewstralia, these Frengers have listened to Mew’s otherworldly sounds for some decades, their hearts and minds fluttering to the sounds of their ephemeral orchestration. For

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Live: Manning Bar

Sydney, NSW, Australia (September 11, 2017) It’s 9:30pm on a Monday night. The Manning Bar, a long-serving venue in the midst of Sydney University, has a small gathering of people milling about its general vicinity. The crowd barrier has been removed, leaving attendees taking up the space left by its absence. Sun Kil Moon’s Common

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