June 29th 2003

June 29th 2003

Hey there! Well these are just lovely days in the Mew camp. I was just in Portugal a couple of days ago (sadly, for one day only) meeting up with Johan, spent most of the day doing interviews but did see some of the beautiful city of Lisbon. And had the most mouth-watering dinner I’ve had since I don’t know when. I did get a little too much sun though…

We played in London on thursday at the 93 Feet East club in Brick Lane, kind of a hard day up until the gig because on arrival to the place we found that some of our gear had broken down, most likely due to a bumpy ride on a flight recently.. but we prevailed! We did things a little differently than usual, which was a really enjoyable experience for us (I hope for the audience too!) And during the set, miraculously some of the broken gear started working again!

Friday we played Glastonbury which was something we had really looked forward to for quite a while! I wanna thank our dear friend Mads for saving us by bringing a replacement piece of gear over from Copenhagen at 6 in the morning! On arrival the grey and rainy weather got us down a little, but when we finally stood on the stage, at the first stroke of Johan’s bass the sun came out! We were pleasantly surprised to see the tent completely full and the audience gave us such warm response, well it just felt wonderful! We are definetely hoping to come back and play there, hopefully next time we can get to do a longer set too. Thanks to everyone who came!

Saturday we played at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. We arrived pretty late as I had kind of a late flight and first thing on the programme was a chance to meet some frengers and most of them wanted stuff signed! Unfortunately Johan didn’t make it to the tent, because he had delays at the airport. It felt a little rushed though, as we only had 45 minutes until we had to do some other thing, and I was upset we didn’t get to say hi properly or even sign everyones albums. There was still a big line when we left, sorry to all of you who didn’t get in! It was a really late show, 2 a.m., but it actually proved to be the perfect time for a Mew show, we played for an hour to about 20,000 people, how amazing it was to stand there and see the crowd! Probably one of the best nights I’ve ever had, I felt as if some sort of light was beaming off the band and reflecting back onto us from the audience! Thank you so much all of you who stayed up to see us play!

Before I go I wanna thank all of you who bought the Wry single! Yeah, it didn’t quite make it to the top40 but it was pretty close. We all know that the singles chart is dominated by crap music, but once in a while a good band makes it in there… maybe next time…

Stay frengefully evil
and we’ll see you soon

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