June 10th 2003

June 10th 2003

Hello frengers!
We’re driving from Birmingham to Manchester as I write this. The last few days have been wonderful, playing to our dedicated frengers and hopefully converting some people into new frengers as well. Thanks a lot to everyone who showed up for us! I have spent some long nights finishing post production on a new video promo we have made for 156, which should be available to you pretty soon as download, or if you live in Scandinavia, on TV. It features the wonderful artwork of one Mr Ron Rege Jr, a long time friend of ours from new york. More on this soon!

We have a bit of bad news to some of our Danish frengers….unfortunately, due to touring and promotional commitments in Japan and Indonesia, we are sadly not able to appear at the Skanderborg Festival. Our apologies go out to you all and to the festivals’ organisers. I hope we will be able to come back and play Skanderborg next year. It should be really good anyway, the bill this year is quite astounding and I for one am dissapointed to not be able to attend. Though I do look forward to playing some exotic places in Asia!

Also, as you may have heard we’re playing Glastonbury this year which is something we are really looking forward to! Hope to see some frengeful faces there in the crowd!

Take care and stay evil

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