July 7th 2003

Halla-Hallo Frengers!!! I´ve just got home from a superb weekend at Ruisrock festival in Finland… And man, does those Fins know a thing our two about partying???!!! It was our first time at Ruisrock and it was just beautiful! Set on the beach with four big stages, it felt like a real festival. We played an hour long set in bright daylight and 25 degrees (playing and working our tans at the same time…) for a great big crowd. A sweet slot just in between the Manics and Cardigans. We hung out all evening “with” those crazy dudes from Hanoi Rocks, we even shared dressingrooms with those bad mothers…. Finnish tv are doing a Osbournes rip-off about the leadsinger and his wife and judging by the state of the two… It´s going to be pretty fucking crazy… Thats Finland for ya…. We ended our fine evening back at the legendary “Caribien Hotel” playing minigolf with the Manics and those great swedes the Cardigans. They were good, better than us at least! Thanks to everybody who saw our gig at Ruisrock….. Finland….. -Johan

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