July 9th 2003

Hi frengers.
I have had a lot of bad dreams last couple of days. I often have bad dreams in general but these ones have been really bad. It’s weird because in the day time I feel pretty good, enjoying the summer and the festivals we’ve been playing, the night time is different. Lots of insects in my dreams. I’m looking forward to doing the Green Tour in Denmark starting friday, hope I can shake my cold before then. I’ve been reading some really weird interviews that I don’t remember doing. There was one in which I admit I often go and visit Karl Marx’ grave in a cemetery in Highgate! Now that is one thing I’m sure I have never said during an interview! Also, a lot of the interviews have misunderstandings and simplifications in them and the interviewer writes something that completely alters what we meant to say, even at times making us seem like we constantly contradict ourselves. That’s kind of frustrating. I think I might start bringing my own tape recorder.. or would that be too paranoid? I guess it’s something all bands experience from time to time. Anyway, just wanted to get that off my chest and this journal seemed like the perfect place to do so. Thanks for listening.

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