Album Status: Mixing Begins

Some three years in the making… including a full year of intensive recording with 16-hour work days. Yes, it takes time with this band, but the new recorded songs will be finalised tomorrow and then they are ready to be delivered for mixing. It will take a few more months until we physically have this (yet untitled) Michael Beinhorn produced record in our hands, but it will be worth the wait, because people working closely with Mew are already calling it their best album. These are not sales speeches, but their own personal observations. Could we hype this thing any more? Frank Filipetti engineered the drums and bass, and he previously worked with Mew on And the Glass Handed Kites, just like Beinhorn did. Rich Costey (of Frengers and No More Stories fame) has been planned to do the mixing for the sixth studio album.


Mew have recently posted more Instagram-photos (and a short funny Moomin-related video as well) and not all of them are automatically re-directed for Facebook and their other social medias. So, you should watch that space.

You may have noticed that in MewX’s community section fans have created various groups and one of them is called The New Album. Maybe that is where we should discuss the progress…

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