Above and beyond the call of duty

Outside the bus I see snowclad trees and blue skies.
We are in Denver, Colorado, having made the trek from Nebraska during our sleep.
Later today I am headed for Boulder, hoping to see some cougars.

A few things:

Thank you for all your messages and emails regarding the Norwegian tv ad featuring a rip-off of Comforting Sounds. It is being addressed.

An apology to those of you who have lately felt bombarded somewhat with bulletins of our US tour. We promise to cease fire and trust that you all know we are here 🙂

Our latest film diary is currently only available as the youtube link but very shortly the crisp, uncompressed version will be uploaded to ensure you can watch it in high quality, as it was intended (at least if you have a reasonably generous internet bandwidth).

I am hugely enjoying this tour and I want to express my appreciation to all of you who have attended our shows so far! A lot of exciting stuff is happening, it’s a bit dizzying at times but it puts wide, cartoon-like smiles on our faces!
The kind doctor has just asked me to join him for lunch which sounds pretty good to me, so you will have to excuse me. Incidently, the doc also came up with the subject title. Not sure what he means by that.
Have a beautiful day everyone!

– Jonas

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