Breathing Cougars

We got both episode 1 and 2 of our film diary in full resolution up on the web now for your viewing pleasure. Please view with pleasure. They look much better than those youtube links.
They can be found on the left side of our myspace page. And on

Speaking of pleasure, we band and crew were savagely woken in the night and made sit in a beige vestibule on the border of Canada until 5 amorous m this morrow. A little extravagant and showy one feels. But necessary for the comparing of tired weeping faces to those found in our passports.
With flailing backstrokes we voyaged on to Vancougar in which we now stand ready for soundcheck.

Seattle was a real treat, thank you guys and girls! great audience you were!
And the local poster that was made for the show? one of my personal favorites so far!

Mmmm coffee. I like coffee. Though not with cinammon on top. What’s wrong with you people??
Well, to each her/his own.

Gonna be a sweet show tonight

– Jonas

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