Update from Bo

hallo all you Mister Misterers. i am writing to you from gods country, my bedroom. well my room, i have only one – we are in Texas.

i’d like to comment on the pictures that i have taken with my camera and is now available to watch here only, by using your eyes, exclusively through reflections of light.
this is silas, he is as jonas so eloquently puts it, drummer extrodinaire, i agree. here we see silas having a bright idea. we see light coming out through his head, the idea is that great. i remember what it was, it was: bo, why dont you just shut up. and dance. so did i. and jonas too. jonas is a good dancer. he swung me.

here we see me. my ideas aren’t that great, but i have a mustache so it doesn’t matter, can’t you see? we are at rehearsal space in copenhagen. we are playing with our music. we handle it with care, this side up. we break it in halfs and sew it back together again. it is made up by sounds wave, yeah sure its nothing new, which hit and caress our bodies making one greatly uncomfortable for a moment, then emotions shifting towards a more platonic sort of friendship. nice.

this is bastian trying to learn his parts. he hammers the metal of the bass l as if it was Thor himself der smeder a new hammer. sorry i didn’t know how to say that in english. i don’t even know if was correct in danish. reminds me, someone yesterday asking: you lived in england ehh, what languevitz do they speak there???

in ways, we are richard gere in texas, its fun, we are playing alot, getting back in shape. it was really warm here yesterday so we felt obliged to stay out late, offering drinks to above. and each other.
mostly each other.

after this we are off to NY, which should be sweet as well..



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