5 August 2003, Bali, Indonesia


We are staying at the lovely Hard Rock Café hotel here in Bali. We have everything we could possibly want, great food (the soup! yum!) great rooms and a great big gigantic swimming pool, not to mention the bar where we played tonight, a fun experience although quite unusual compared to what we’re used to. Greetings to the band that we had the pleasure of seeing every night here, Solidaz! good luck with your record!


Nick, our keyboard player has spent most the time here relaxing at the pool as has Dick our soundman. Nick did go for a walk in the jungle one day but a meeting with a disgruntled elephant (whom I call Trumpet) discouraged him somewhat.


Johan has been surfing a lot and seems to have taken a shine to it, I’m sure he’ll wanna tell you about it, so he’ll make an entry in the journal tomorrow I think. Today of course was also a sad day because we learned of the bomb in Jakarta. In addition to the tragic circumstances and the loss of innocent lives it is now also possible that we won’t be going to play the day after tomorrow anyway, we are waiting to hear back from our management and the Danish embassy. – Jonas

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