Surf’s up Dudes!

Bali, Indonesia


“Surf´s up Dudes”! I never thought I would hear myself be shouting that! But once you get a taste for the surf-thing, there´s no way back!!!! I must say that trying to learn how to surf here in Bali together with Bo was absolutely ace!! In my past I have spent quite a number of years (eight to be exact) on cruising the streets all over the world on my skateboard. Making life hell for anyone who got in my way….. This meant that I´d always wanted to try surfing, but you can´t do much surfing in Denmark!!!??!! So when me and Bo learned about the surfing possibilities in Bali, we were not about to miss out on that!!! Equipped with two huge boards and black Speedos we hit the waves. And was this shit hard or what??? It took us a good deal of hours before we mastered the art of getting on the freaking board!! Once we had that part down… It was payback time! Catching a wave, even the small ones we were surfing was a thrill!!!! It´s a unique way of using your body while using the ocean…. What an incredible feeling!!!! This has definitely been one of the highlights of the trip so far! On the real downside we are feeling more and more like it´s not safe for us to put on a show in Jakarta. We are following the situation closely by the hour… We have just had a pretty tough talk with our management about the situation in Jakarta and the rest of Indonesia and the conclusion is that we´re going to cancel the rest of the tour and go back home to London! This comes as a real blow to all of us in the band… On one hand we´re kind of relieved to be going home but on the other hand we´re completely bummed out over not being able to play all the shows. The vibe around the band seems really strong here in Indonesia and we´ve had such a great time here in Bali!!! Well, tough luck, I guess safety should always come first, no matter what! I would on behalf of myself, Jonas, Bo, Silas and our crew like to apologise to all of you Indonesian fans who have been looking forward to our shows. We´re really sorry but again safety comes first, yours and ours! We also wanna apologise to Rinny and Leo from Nepathya, our promoters in Indonesia who have been extremely kind and understanding. -Frenger-Love Johan

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