30th September, 2004


Iím going a bit crazy now, been here for 4 moths, its insane, havent seen my friends for millions and millions of seconds, not for a room full of minutes, havent seen a the naive? smiles of danish girls, have not been depressed by the copenhagen/london weather. wierd.

I can tell you that: this is laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast last and probably the last week of recording, mixing to begin monday. furthermore, you will think the record sucks ass. big time. WHAT were they thinking? my god, ANIMALS!! if you like yarni that is. if you like mew, if you got that lil mew thing in your heart, you will have to like it.. LISTEN TO ME, YOU WILL HAVE TO LIKE IT.. repeat to yourself before going to bed at night..thanks..

Did however have a week off a while ago, went to mexico ( the others went to koebenhavn ), just glaxin, tried to go fishing, but got so sick i was puking the whole time and the boat had to return to shore! we were pulling them in though, serious fish. i was like: puke, pull, puke, pull..

Went to see the pixies and that was a let down. thanks a lot frank, we only waited 10 years plus. went to see phil collins and that was a let down not, so thank you to him.



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