16 October 2004, The Sitting Room

Dear frengers,

Oh I can’t say it’s not a little stressful right now; to get the album finished before the deadline hits. Actually the deadline hit us about a month ago – we are now struggling to finish before the line of the afterlife hits. And it’s moving towards us at such a pace. The whole thing is sounding awesome though (“awesome”: Europeans tend to think Americans use that word all the time, but I actually haven’t heard anyone else but me using it over here. And me just that once).

We went to see REM play two nights ago, it was a great show and so nice to experience them supporting Kerry even though some of the fans were shouting “four more years” in protest. Outside of the venue we saw a deer threatening a coyote.

A squirrel visits our balcony from time to time. I lay out grapes for him, but I think someone else is eating them.

Though all the recording is officially done I still spend every night here doing a few more vocal lines and such, trying stuff out. It’s peaceful here at night. Or it would be if not for the ghosts. You know, I never actually believed in ghosts before but now I sure do.

Our good friend who lives outside tells me he visits Jupiter every time he sleeps, I wonder what that must feel like?

Thanks for all the birthday greetings!

I’m getting into the work of Japanese writer Haruki Murakami, I sure like his books a lot. My, how I’m rambling on! I’m sitting here, waiting for them to discontinue mixing for tonight so that I can do some singing in the tent.

I think I hear them stopping now….


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