03 September 2004, LA

O sweet evil frengers!

We’re near the completion. We are the sons and daughters of the stretching sandy pink beaches of here, this place that we are being inside the studio today, a piano had been rented and was brought onto was here. As was foreseen, we did record many a bit of piano, this time achieving a mystical powered pioneer piano sound that will make your hands light up. It requires the right amount of chocolate. Guitars came from out the tent and as our heads have been in it for long, we are taking a few days off. Need to put our minds elsewhere just for a slight space of time. We had have the pleasure of having the company of a few new guests, their names have shall remain secret for the time being.

We write in again soon. And don’t forget everything is vibrations and that is the music of the universe! I’m sorry I don’t mean to sound like one who hugs trees, science forbid but it is very late in night… Goodnight everybody!








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