24 August 2004

frfrfr frengers.

monday morning, not grey, were doing some keyboardi stuffi today, vite, vite, lets go. michael is still great to work with, he was our first choice and we should feel so lucky we got him. damon tutunjian was here all last week, laid down guitars and vocals on songs, we also spend a while being thrown around, trying to bodysurf the waves, biiig, i think it was a lot of fun. at one moment a beautyfull dolphin, jumped out of the water next to us. i had just bought a book on dolphins and interspecies communication and got happy in the face when i saw it. as scared as i am of sharks, i even get freaked out in swimmingpools, as much do i love the little dodilidodelidolphins.

we watch alot of film, i love films, just saw movie bout the fox “news” channel which btw has absolutly nothing to do w news or journalism, scary rightwing propaganda it is, please dont watch it. bought a bunch of fassbinder and the new edition of goodfellas w alot of nice bonus material, it is a very welll made and entertaining movie i had already watched 10 plus times. were also still writing on the songs and they are progressing a little everyday, it takes so many little details to make good record you know!

went to see the libertines last week, we have same management, they were good, we met our friend jeppe ( jrsr ) and we all chrashed some wedding andÖi got very drunk and didnt throw up.. in the car… or anywhere else. intestines all goood thank you very much.

gotta go, say see you to mister j honey blackburn, sony who has spent the weekend w us..

ciao frignorinoes and frignors


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