11 August 2004, Venice

frengers, oh my deaerestestest.

we went to san francisco this weekend, had forgotten what a great city that is, can we move there please? so european, even people looked e.pean. had dinner in the castro area, barely escaped, pretty cool w a hole part of town like that,w happy gay men chatting away everywhere, its a great free spirited city san fran. lets move there. okay?

progress have been made here in venice too. throwing keys and guitars on. shifting into new gears, its particulary good. its fine. we like it. if you wanna dance you can.

johan have left for dk, to spend time the mrs, but we are having special guests come over this week, so we shall not be lonely. damon is coming over, its unthinkable to make a record w.o. him, we love you, snaeky flute.

cant wait for you all to hear this..


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