Great to be back…

Frengers, my dear Frengers… A little, well needed, update from the Mewcamp.

The reason why everything has been so quiet lately is because we’re dead busy. Not a moment is wasted in our search for that “perfect” new album. And everything is starting to fall into place. I can’t tell you too much about the music itself, atleast I won’t. Me doing so would not only mean risking my life, it would also spoile the surprise for all of you waiting out there paciently.

I can tell you though, that Bo and I have had a very successfull trip to Los Angeles where we met with our producer Michael Beinhorn. To make it clear just how excited we are about working with Mr. Beinhorn, I’ll ask you to check out his work with Marilyn Manson and especialy his work with Korn. The Korn record is the biggest and most evil sounding rockrecord ever made!!! Together with him the sheer “size” of our new record will be frightning! Ahhhh…

We still aim at starting the recordings around June but there are still things and parts to be worked out, “it’s like a giant mindpuzzle”.


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