hi frengers, whats new, how are the wild lives that u lead? have you heard the new prince rec? it is disapointing, i used to love prince, i would write him, i would stalk him, try to get him to sign my dearly beloved lovesexy rec, i was in love w him, he was my hero. i still often listen to the great ones, sign o times, lovesexy, purple rain etc.. it is genius. all the girls in my class thought he was gross, but as they got older they started wanting him. his body. if you get a chance, check out the lovesexy tour on video, 1988, it is one of the magic moments in music culture.

our rec, working title Saviors of Jazzballet, is making much progress these days, we got about 12 to 13 songs and yes, they are all new thank you very much. all new all cracy pop songs that will make you cry, either because you think its shit and you are so dissapointed oooooooor, and thats where i put my money, litterally i guess, youll think its the best record you have ever heard. this rec could be amazing. Going to LA to meet michael bienhorn, was very positive. namely offcourse because we got to hang out on the beach, swim when everybody else was freezing their a s ses off, but also because he was a bright, warm, leftwinged, new york kind a guy, who travels the same frequencies we do, who seemed easy to work with. AND GOOD.

thank you frengers for coming here,

see you


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