hallo dear frenhxers,

were still back in copenhagen, we needed some time off since we decided to postpone the rec and make it extra delicious, we felt like: lets go skiing! we havent though. we are working out of silas childhoooood home, its in the quiet but beautyfull holte neigborhood, its like the old times. we did alot of the writing there for frengers and albert is there and we slide into the old rutines, ahhh. im listening red house painters and haveing a glass of redwine. how did we grow up so fast. ehh, was that me or a line from painters that slid in ?? hmm..

well we had very pleasent time this weekend, went to thedanishshitmusicawards and we were fucked, as usually i may add. we were nominated in 6 categories, dint win a single one. luckily we left after we lost the second one which created some drama and a funny scene where a man, same guy who asked you where you were going everytime you went to the bathroom, panicked and said: YOU CANT GO, looking like he was going to loose his job or something. good for him then. we were there to hopefully recieve some free airtime, to talk to the danish population, to say a few words about how the danish right wing government is desperatly trying to ruin the danish society. no luck.

im sorry that the rec has been delayed, but guys we usually spend 3 years so 1, 783435 year seems ok to me still. it will be a great rec so its worth the wait, but i know what its like: when you get laid the first time, u jsut wanna do it again and again.. allright, bad allegory, but still..

its late, ill see you all soon


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