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In an effort to make MewX.info the authoritative source for Mew information, we have been hard at work putting together the most comprehensive Mew Discography on the internet. Since the departure of the much-loved comfortingsounds.com there hasn’t been one single place where all of that information is organized, and we aim to fill that void.

The visual design, coding, scanning, and image editing were done over the past several weeks by myself, Ann Lancaster. Many thanks go out to all those offering their many years of knowledge and assistance to get this project launched: Hyunji Choi, Tero Heikkinen, Philip Bo Pedersen, Kim Vermeer, Frederik Voss, and Emi Wakatsuki. I’ve lived and breathed this discography but it was indeed a group effort!

In the coming weeks, we will be continuing to fill in any missing information including lyrics, cover images, and version data. So, please have a look around! I hope you enjoy viewing the discography as much as I enjoyed working on it!

Check out the updated Mew Discography section here!

Ann Lancaster

2 thoughts on “Updated Discography”

  1. Hi Ann & the team, great job on the discography! Really brings back to mind comfortingsounds.com . God only knows where you guys got so much info & pics (including different versions of the same album/single) from. You guys must have scoured the whole internet looking for it!

    Can I make a suggestion? In the “Related” tab, it is possible to add in more of Jonas solo material? I know you guys included the Skyscraper OST but I think he has released a few more songs solo. E.g. “Pandasyndromet” , “Talking About It” (as Diamonds for Eyes), “The Rosidian Choir in +12”. Not to mention other songs featuring Jonas (“Tomorrow” Superheroes feat. Jonas, “Twisted Mind” Ghost Society feat. Jonas, etc).

    Once again great job you guys and keep up the good work. The internet’s no. 1 source of everything MEW!!!

  2. Vijay, thank you for your comments. We are definitely planning to expand the related section as we get our hands on these other things. It’s far from complete at this point.

    Truth be told, most of the images are scans of things I own, or are owned by someone else involved with the site!

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