June Shows Detailed

Mew will play four consecutive shows next month…

Wednesday, June 12th – Store VEGA (Copenhagen, Denmark)

This is Mew’s only solo show in June and it’s expected to be the longest of the four. Some new songs from the upcoming album will be played here for the first time. Capacity of this legendary venue is more than 1.500 and this show has been sold out for weeks now. Danish Kirstine Stubbe Teglbjærg will support Mew, and she used to be the singer in Blue Foundation before going solo in 2009. Mew’s last live performance in their hometown Copenhagen was seen a year ago at Bremen Teater, but it’s been a while since they’ve played at Store VEGA. That happened back in June, 2005.

Showtime: 21:00 (MewX will provide a review and a setlist)

Thursday, June 13th – Hultsfred Festival (Stoxa, Sweden)

Moved from the small town of Hultsfred, the festival is now located in Stoxa, just 40 minutes from Stockholm city central and very close to Arlanda airport. This is logistically great for bands and random foreign tourists, but it didn’t come without criticism. Many Swedes are not crazy about the capital city stealing all the big musical events. Last time that Mew played a show at Hultsfred Festival was in 2005, but the last show in Stockholm was seen in 2009. Phoenix (FRA), Two Door Cinema Club (IRE) also play on Thursday, among many many others.

Showtime: 15:45 (MewX will provide a setlist)

Friday, June 14th – Provinssirock (Seinäjoki, Finland)

It’s been three years since Mew have performed a show in Finland and it took place at this very same festival. The band will play in a huge tent called YleX Stage and the thirstiest festival-goers may enjoy the show from Tuborg Bar located right next to the tent. You could get a double dose of Denmark that way, although prices will be very Finnish. Bring your wallet and may it be heavy. In some previous years, most of the shows at YleX Stage have been filmed and shown either live or later on Finnish television. After Mew, you could catch Bad Religion (USA), Blur (UK) and many others. In 2013, Provinssirock celebrates its 35th year.

Showtime: 20:30 (MewX will provide a review and a setlist)

Saturday, June 15th – Bergenfest (Bergen, Norway)

Bergenfest has reserved only 60 minutes for Mew and that is hardly enough for the band (nor for fans), but Norwegians like to close their festival gates/bars earlier than in other Nordic countries. Plenen is the main stage of the festival and Mew will be the last act of the night. Bergenfest’s (age restriction 18!!!) closing day doesn’t have a particularly impressive line-up, but Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires (USA) should be recommended. 2009 was the year when Mew played in the city of Bergen the last time. MewX website will be seven years old on June 15th, just so you know.

Showtime: 23:15 (MewX will provide a setlist)

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