Some New Music: Koor

Hello. Just a quickie, but it’s a goodie.

Tonight the Icelandic vocal group LYRIKA (that consists of members from Björk’s all-female choir Graduale Nobili) will sing a snippet of an upcoming Mew song. This performance in London will be filmed and the video is going to be released very soon. ‘Koor’ is a made up word inspired by the Danish word for ‘choir’ (which is ‘kor’). The song itself doesn’t have a title yet, but this part is currently being called Koor. It’s a tiny, but important part of the song that – naturally – will be released at some point.


Photo by Danni Travn.

LYRIKA will also perform The Zookeeper’s Boy tonight.

UPDATE: The video for this performance can be found here.

We are working on a new Discography section. It will be bloody awesome.

3 thoughts on “Some New Music: Koor”

  1. “I think, I thought, maybe you could change me. I know, you and I, clinging to our bad dream. And in between (the shapes on your scream???). They come and go, sometimes they never show”

    Am i right? Maybe someone could correct me.

    Anyhow, soooo ready for this!!!

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