Three New Japanese Dates

Mew are opening for The Flaming Lips in Japan this November. The three shows (in both Osaka and Tokyo) are going to be absolutely amazing, seeing as the Wayne Coyne’s group is one of the best live acts one could think of. You shouldn’t miss these shows…

November 15th – Namba Hatch (Osaka, Japan)
November 17th – Zepp Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)
November 18th – Zepp Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)

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  1. Mew opening for Flaming Lips sounds AMAZING. The closest I came to seeing them together was at the Pitchfork fest last year…but Flaming Lips was on the main stage and Mew on one of the smaller ones. This would be a great show. Shame I don’t live in Japan. 🙂

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