There Will Be Festivals… In Norway

Mew have been announced to this summer’s Bukta Festival in Tromsø (July 15th-July17th). They have played these festivities before in 2006 and have been in great demand by the public ever since. A rising new festival called Slottsfjell (in Tønsberg) will announce more bands today and Mew will be among the new names. This festival will take place on same weekdays as Bukta (July 15th-July 17th), but geographically Tromsø is located very up north whereas Tønsberg is some 1500km south from there. Norway is big that way. Exact dates are yet unknown, but we will frequently update our ‘upcoming gigs’ -section.

So, now we’re looking at two dates for Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Let’s see if Finland gets a summer festival date as well. There’s one for United States (Coachella) while Bonnaroo is yet to be confirmed. The latter should be factual information anyway. What other countries might get festival shows? United Kingdom probably…

And… if you’ve been wondering why we haven’t updated the Danish and Finnish versions of this site recently, it’s because we are going through some major changes and will return bigger and better. Watch out for this English language version still. There will be great new updates coming up shortly.

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  1. The Bukta concert in 06 hit the mark, no wonder they want them back. I would like to go to Tønsberg this time (90 min from Oslo), as Tromsø is quite a distance, yes. First thing I did there was to buy set of wool underwear..

    Look forward to the new updates!

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