Spring in Copenhagen

Hello there.
hey everybody.

how are you all doing? its spring here in copenhagen, known as allergy season to some, its a lovely sneeze. we finally got a rehearsal slash studio thingy, a place to make the music we all like. its gonna be an interesting record, right now theres a lot of space around the music and it breathes nicely.. i dont know, im excited, thats all. in addition to this we are also currently working on ides for a couple of other projects that seem to potentially hold great promise. stuff. on the live front, we have decided to play a few shows this summer, one in copenhagen ( u are all welcome ), one in norway and one in…. Asia ! (more info later) other than that we will be writing and lubricating muscles on beaches for sure. what else, the pictures: jonas and i leaving LAX a couple of weeks ago. transiting.


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