An update from Bo

hello all of yous.

hows everybody doing? still here we are, i was hanging out with silas
today and then i went and played some bad ass tennis. bad it was and i
looked like an ass. im not very good, YET, but since its looking like a
summer in denmark for the most part, which will be the first in a long
time, my hope is that i will get my game up. up and running. not running
its been thunder and rain at night here, it woke me from my sleep and i
keept the windows open, i felt like a kid, wrapped in soft linnen,
hiding from the world. it was nice. that feeling.
we are writing and its going swell. SWELL i say, GD jolly music it is.
we dance to it, we are indians dancing around our totem of music.
ugh ugh.
thats the plans. oh yeah, damon will come to visit us soon, the mumin
from hell, and we will be jamming with him a little and we will bring
him to the norway show as special guest STAR so look out for the mumin

ai ai,

take now very good care and try to stay positive regardless of the sad
music you all listen too,


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