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Mew played an amazing show in Helsinki, Finland last Tuesday and just before the last song (Louise, Louisa) they took a little moment to mention this website and how we are more up to date than any of their own sites. That was one glorious moment. What they couldn’t know then is that we have changed some of our features since. The intro-page and the background in general look a bit different and we even adopted the “Mew-font”, plus there will be other changes made in the coming days. The biggest difference compared to last week’s version is that we are English-only fansite from now on. We noticed that people almost never commented on the Finnish and Danish posts, and people in these two small countries (population-wise) understand English fairly well anyway. There are many contributors here and we are all fans of this group from Copenhagen… I especially want to thank Frederik Voss for seeing all the trouble to translate all the posts in Danish, but now we have more time to concentrate on other special features… and there will be some very soon.

Mew also mentioned us on Twitter and as there might be some new readers coming here soon, I want to welcome all of you. You may also throw us a comment and tell us what you think we should have here (there’s some contact info below the page)… We will return with extensive reviews from both Finnish shows (Helsinki and Tampere) accompanied by some exclusive photos.

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9 thoughts on “Some Changes On This Website”

  1. The site looks great! I’m so glad the band gave you all a shout out. Truly, I check this site out more than I do the mewsite and usually because it is updated faster. Also, I love the 156 drawing of MEW! 🙂

  2. haha, congrats mewx!!! too bad to hear abt the danish and finnish version but they probably speak better English than most native English speakers anyway 😉 Keep up the good work.

  3. Great! 😀
    I’ve never read the Danish version because it wasn’t updated as fast as the english version. I think removing the other languages is a sensible action.

  4. Hey Mewx and other Frengers.
    I too LOVE the new layout and I’m very excited about the new features, can’t wait to see what they are.!! 😀 !!
    I felt the same way as LillaFrenger about the danish site, it was as if things happend at the english site first. 🙂
    Love what you guys and girls are doing.. 😀 !

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