Setlist for O2 ABC Glasgow

Glasgow was Mew’s first indoor solo (non-festival) show since the release of “+ -” and here they revealed what the new setlist could be like for the rest of the tour.

The Zookeeper’s Boy
Silas the Magic Car
My Complications
The Night Believer
Eight Flew Over, One Was Destroyed
Saviours of Jazz Ballet
Medley (Clinging to a Bad Dream / The Zookeeper’s Boy / Louise Louisa)
Am I Wry? No
Snow Brigade
She Spider
Water Slides
Comforting Sounds

3 thoughts on “Setlist for O2 ABC Glasgow”

  1. One of the “no more stories…” Intermezzos was played after 8 and apocalypso. It was called Bomba on the setlist. (It was play back, giving the band time to change gear and that).

    Also coffee break was on the setlist, but Water Slides was played instead. Seems weird not to play water slides, so why have coffee break on there? Wonder if it was internationally added to mess with the front row of fans photographing the set 😛

    1. I just came back home to copenhagen after a mind blowing weekend in Glasgow. Never been there before but I am totally in love with that place! Yesterday I saw Mew in O2 and it was good.
      I was quite amused with the intermezzo and thought they have never played it before.
      Besides I was hyped on the ‘half-new’ medley ending with louise louisa! Also Bo began Zookeeper’s by turing his back to the crowd – that was cool.

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