Create ‘The Night Believer’ Music Video with Mew

EDIT: The sign up for this project is now closed!

Hey, frengers, all around the world.

Here’s an interesting project for all of us. YOU have been invited to participate in a creative, wild and challenging new project together with Mew. The band has always appreciated their fanbase and this time they want to give you an opportunity to join a big co-creation project to make a music video for the song The Night Believer and sing a duet with Jonas Bjerre, as well as showing the band your creativity.


Now, click this website to read more details. Project is now open, but note that you only have ONE WEEK to join!

7 thoughts on “Create ‘The Night Believer’ Music Video with Mew”

  1. Sounds like an epic opportunity 🙂
    A question for those who have decided to sign in… Did you get any confirmation email of your suscription? I joined but didn’t get any confirmation, so now I’m worried that I might have entered my email incorrectly :/ Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Will probably be the only person who cringes at the idea of appearing in a music video singing. But I hope everybody else has BLAST on this because omg I sort of want to anyway??? Idk I guess I have a week to decide if I have the guts or not lol.

  3. I have a huge problem, I just received an email with instruccions, but I didn’t receive the first email, the one they sent last saturday… I wrote them back, because in that email they sent the password and stuff… I’m happy they choose me, but I don’t know what happened with my first email :'(

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