Support: Save The Children

Mew have donated one of their guitars to Save the Children. It will go on auction tomorrow at
and will be sold to the highest bidder. All the money from the auction will go to Save the Children. The guitar is a telecaster that Mew have used live since 2003, and it’s signed by the all three band members. The item’s direct link.

From Bo Madsen:


this is a fender telecaster. we have used this big boy live a bunch of times, it still has flouresent tape on it for use in the dark. i think it was mainly played by jonas. this is the first ever guitar to be given away by. have a lovely bidding,

bo, mew”

5 thoughts on “Support: Save The Children”

  1. Where did Bo say that?… I search in all their sites everyday, and there’s nothing about this… anyway.. so happy that the boys are so generous and for a good cause… I really want that guitar, but I don’t have nothing to buy it… I’m so poor 🙁

    THANKS A LOT for posting this!

  2. Thaaaat is just mean! That is the guitar I concider to be “the Mew” guitar. Everytime I see a black telecaster I say something like “oooh, that’s the Mew guitar”

    Now they give it away, signed and I cannot buy it! : ( : ( : ( : (

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