Repeaterbeater For Free

It is now possible to download Repeaterbeater free from this AOL-link. This is one of the most straight-forward tracks on the album and will get a music video treatment as well. The three music videos (already shot, but not quite finished) are Introducing Palace Players, Repeaterbeater and Beach.

Repeaterbeater is also featured on No More Stories EP that is going to be released next week. Note that the physical format of the EP is quite limited, so act fast in order to get your own copy.

12 thoughts on “Repeaterbeater For Free”

  1. Omg, Repeaterbeater is amazing… I must admit that I got quite nervous after Introducing Palace Players, since it was THAT good. But this just shows that there is no limits to what Mew can do. I’m willig to risk my life on that the rest of the album will keep such high standards.

  2. I agree with Joakim. I was a little worried that the other songs would’nt be as great, but this proves that we should expect only the best frm Mew. 🙂

  3. Ohhhhh I LOVE it.. <3 .. It’s going on my ipod NOW.. haha.. can’t wait to see the video… Ohhh How do they do it, again and again. <3 ..they blow me away..

  4. AT first I wasnt sure how to enjoy this song. Its very straightforward. But I kinda had to put my assumptions of what a mew song is down and listen to the pure energy of it. IT reminds me of Mr. Brightside-era Killers to me.

    I like it!

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