First Look: No More Stories

We can now confirm that the 54-minute No More Stories contains the following tracks (with lengths):

01. New Terrain (3:14)
02. Introducing Palace Players (4:46)
03. Beach (2:46)
04. Repeaterbeater (2:33)
05. Intermezzo 1 (0:29)
06. Silas the Magic Car (4:06)
07. Cartoons and Macramé Wounds (7:21)
08. Hawaii Dream (1:47)
09. Hawaii (5:01)
10. Vaccine (5:08)
11. Tricks (4:28)
12. Intermezzo 2 (1:03)
13. Sometimes Life Isn’t Easy (5:21)
14. Reprise (5:32)

We will have a full length track-by-track album review within a week. Plus we will review the EP and the first live show that takes place in Copenhagen tomorrow. We will also interview Mew – so stay tuned!

In the meantime, we can reveal that New Terrain is an incredible track that is pretty much impossible to play live. Beach and Repeaterbeater are the most straight-forward tracks and absolute hit song material. Silas the Magic Car is an immediate standout – with the unexpected help of Reprise. The second Intermezzo has vocals, but the first one doesn’t… and the cover art makes sense in the end.

We added a few features (above this post). A long-awaited tour calendar and the upcoming ‘Xtra’ which is a special fan section soon to be opened. Add yourself to our Facebook-group as well.

9 thoughts on “First Look: No More Stories”

  1. This is all very cool news, but im not sure if i want to read a review before i listen to the album! It would only make me more anxious. I sorta want to wait until the albums released to watch a video of their concert, but we all know that not going to happen.

  2. I recently got the HTWIWM Re-Released edition, and read in the booklet what mew said about the time and place they recorded the album, and im pretty sure that when it gets to what Silas has to say about the album, it starts Silas: The Magic car. Just thought it was kind of funny, but im not sure, so i think i will check the booklet again..

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