Bo Madsen On Michael Jackson’s Death

The band members of Mew have often mentioned Michael Jackson as someone who they used to listen to a lot. Last thursday the world lost a musical genius that has influenced countless artists, particularly in pop music scene. Bo Madsen writes about his feelings on the sudden, shocking news at their MySpace blog.

“I am so so sad Michael is dead, I think the whole world is sad he is dead. I feel like the world got less colorful last night. Like I have lost something of myself. I think I have.”

Read the whole blog entry here.

2 thoughts on “Bo Madsen On Michael Jackson’s Death”

  1. I think he’s right. The world did get less colorful, but the world imo hasn’t been very colorful for a long time. We lose people everyday, but MJ was an icon and he changed music forever. If it weren’t for him we wouldn’t have a lot of the music we hear today.

  2. I totally agree with both bo and libbymew.. with mj’s music every thing is posible and every thing comes to live, it’s really sad but he will always be with us through his amazing music…
    btw. my god, Bo’s story is poetic, beautiful in a bitter/sweet way.

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