hi everybody how it hanging hows it swinging?

im okilidokli doing here, were gonna start rehearsels in cph soon, were gonna shake things up a lil, what do you think? i think it will be good, the most important thing is that i get to do so many guitar solos as possible, ill do them with my eyes closed, you no, really feeling it, ill do em with my mouth open, ill do em with out sound even, dig it, just have a party. were also planning other things, for the spring, and it should be exciting. also the rec is coming out alot of places round europe these next few months, and well get to go all these countries. and yabadadance.

me? yes how are you doing bo? no im not asking outta politeness, i care. man. well im good actually, i spending time cathing up with people here in cph, some of my dearest friends have babies now so things are changing and it scares me alittle but its also a nice change. and for the first time i can actually look at a baby and say: i acctually give a shit. wich is nice.

we are still winning awards and i think we should give one of the zulus away on the forum, i just dont really no where they are. but ill investigate and talk to the boys about it. maby spice it up with a Triumph for man cds? hmmm. i also discovered a bunch of old Half posters recently..

thanks alot you guys for all the interest, we really dont deserve it, thats the truth. but i guess if you were gonna spend the time on other bands, useless bands ( most are ), then we are still a better choice. and thats also the ruth.


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