New Song: “Daddy Drone”

Being a computer nerd and huge Mew fan means sometimes I stumble across things that haven’t been officially announced yet. So went the other week, when I was absent-mindedly browsing through Spotify and happened upon a listing for a deluxe version of “+ -” that included two surprises. In this listing for a 20-track album were the previously unreleased “Quiet Sessions” version of The Night Believer (this is track 7/7 of these sessions, never before included) and a brand new track called Daddy Drone. I promptly listened to both several times in a row.

Daddy Drone makes excellent use of Jonas Bjerre’s layered vocals. The same several lines are repeated over and over again, each time building in intensity: a child’s plaintive wishes on repeat. One can imagine a small child tugging on his mother’s clothing, asking for things, testing her to see if she’s paying attention. Some part of me wonders if this is the other side of the interaction presented in the unfinished song Boy that they premiered at the private show at Bremen Teater in Copenhagen and Roskilde Festival in 2012 (which featured the head-grooving owl animation!)

I wanna see daddy
I wanna go to school
I wanna light matches
I wanna build fires
I wanna see daddy

I could listen to this 20 times in a row and not get tired of it. It may be one of Mew’s shortest songs ever, but those two minutes are highly-addictive.

Other tracks on this new release include the seven “Quiet Sessions” songs that were previously given free to subscribers of Mew’s official mailing list, plus the NO CEREMONY/// and 808 State/Graham Massey remixes of Water Slides. If only they’d have included Drinking Soda and Western Silver Lion Cub, which to date are only available on the Japanese release. Release date in the US is listed as September 11, 2015.

Buy “+ – Deluxe Edition” (digital) here (Note: may not be available in all countries):
iTunes / Amazon

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      1. so they’re not available natively from spotify at all? only showing up if you have them on your computer after downloading from amazon or itunes? i’m overseas is why I ask, only have the japanese edition on CD for this album, and a spotify subscription from the US but they track location I guess.

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