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  • First post, nice to meet you all. Kind of weird, I’m used to the format of forums, but I hope this message is seen.

    I’m in South Korea and thank god! Saw they are playing a festival here in August. I was just about to plan the trip to Japan for Summer Sonic.

    My question has to do with the typical trends in the past. I saw on the tour history…[Read more]

    • Welcome to the site! I think @shin2chi is probably the best person to answer your questions. *summons Hyunji*

      • Oh awesome! I didn’t expect that she could be my inside source from Korea! Thanks for the summons haha

        • Hello, Tuol. Welcome to MewX forum.
          My impression is that you aren’t a native Korean, but someone from abroad who has just started living in Korea.
          If you were Korean, you probably would have bought the Japanese version of Mew’s album on CDJAPAN, HMV JAPAN, or AMAZON JAPAN instead of YESASIA, hahaha. If I am wrong, I’m sorry.

          Mew had a headlining…[Read more]

          • Hi! Yes you are correct, I’m not Korean and didn’t know about those other options, but now I do so thanks for the tips! Also thanks for the link to the pics.

            That all makes sense, I needed this perspective before biting on the festival tickets. Though I do want to wait maybe until we can find out which day of the fest they’re playing so I can…[Read more]

          • also one more thing @shin2chi, if there are any Korean message boards where Korean Mew fans gather/talk, can you please point me there? I tried searching around on naver but just found some blog posts. 감사합니다!

            • I think you’ll already know this, but Mew’s Pentaport date has been updated. They’ll be here August 9th, 2015.
              If you order a 1DAY ticket online by June 7th, you can get it for 110,500 won.
              If you buy it at the venue you’ll end up paying 130,000 won.
              Hm. Please check out your Message box.

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  • I got my japanese version in the mail! Western Silver Lion Club sounded like New Terrain style there at the end so I reversed it.. it works reversed for sure, best at the beginning (end of the regular version) but isn’t as beautifully smooth both ways as New Terrain.

    Anyone think they can get the lyrics? (I reversed in Audacity, I guess other…[Read more]

    • I tried the same thing and I couldn’t make out what the other lyrics are either. They definitely are something but it’s too hard to make out.

    • I think this time only part of the song reverses both ways:

      The chorus that goes
      “And you know I will be missing you terribly
      Even when I thought you were…
      But it’s hard when you go
      To get up, leaving home
      Even when I thought you were grown”

      reverses to the outro from the song My Complication

      “Oh now we cough, young Mary
      Wanna be part of thi…[Read more]

    • for me Western Silver Lion Cub is music skyscraper-ish in a very good way by Jonas, blended with My Complication in the end. love in part: “And you know I will be missing you terribly even when I thought you were
      … ”

    • If you look at the lyrics of the other parts, and the cadence in which Jonas sings them, there is no doubt in my mind he is singing a transcription of reversed lyrics. He just hasn’t sung the other version forwards over the top of the reversed part, so it’s less clear to us.

    • This one in particular:

      Oh it starts
      All dead cinder block………………….ladies

      There’s a crazy long pause between block and ladies.

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