March 17th 2005

dear you and you and you and y.. we are mixing the last track today wedensday, this time its for real, its sounding full, bright, crunchy, grand, all.. we are very happy, its been such a long process.. the last few weeks we have all ben sick in and out, its like a kindergarten, everybody passing eachother diseases, its not very pretty, now the mixing dudes are getting it too, we are getting the f.. out of here soon. we are in good spirits, we all like eachother a lot but not in that kinda way and are having a good time, i know i am cause im beating everyone at ping pong, im growing by the minute. silas, jonas and i went to see the microphones slash mount eerie a few weekends a ago when we enjoyd a few days in copenhagn, at huset, phil didnot let us down and im lokking forward to his new record!

it is very quiet in here, think silas is sleeping, now someone from tony just came in, see u


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