28 February 2005

Dear frengers,

you may have already heard premature rumours that our album has been pushed back until August. This is something we’ve been contemplating for some time, ever trying to make it a May release. However, it has become clear to us now that we will not be able to make that schedule, hence the rumours have proven to be true. The mixing and additional mixing and organizing of the record has taken that much more time, unfortunately.

It has, however, made it possible for us to make the album even better and we’ve spent the time recording a new song that came up while we were in new york, which has turned out fabtabulous. In fact, I am listening to the finished mix of it right now, it’s music to mine ears (and mice came to borrow rice).

And we shall have the pleasure of playing new songs for you in the upcoming shows, there will be shows prior to the summer festivals as well. We apologize for keeping you all waiting, but scheduling an album release is sort of like building rocket ships simultaneously in several countries. We’re thankful for your eagerness to hear the new stuff as it is a perfect mirror image of our own eagerness to play it to you. Thank you for understanding.

You have our deepest gratitude.

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