good sleepy saturday morning hai! frengers.

good sleepy saturday morning hai! frengers.

how are you all doing? drepressed and melancolic i certainly hope! i had breakfast in the garden the other day, it was certainly hot in london but now that little fling w the sun is over children, here comes winter! uhmmm, well actually winter is good for some old things. like accidentially falling over in the snow w a qute girl ( wearing half the zoo but not alot of underwear? ) or you can have really good fun hammering a snowball in the surprised face of your best friend. i guess maby he didnt think that enough snow had fallen for anyone to make a snowball but if you mix it up w feebles and mud you really dont need that much snow! things like that: definite pluses.

its been a few good days at the house, the other guys, ohh theyre soo sweet, i tell you. its just such a joy wacthing them together, playing their instuments, smiling, never aminute wo laughter… ahhhh, life is indeed sweet sometimes aaaaaaaaand we are progressing w the songs too.

silas dog albert is going in for surgery soon so were all a little concerned although he should be fine. we have written a song about albert once instigated by our friend damon, swirlies. “bones, song for albert” its called. its on some single. im really more of a cat person myself, i actually dont like dogs, but that little fat cat ( bulldog ) stole my heart a warm summerday many years ago..

ee you frengers

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