Frenger’s Got Talent – Part VII

We haven’t done this in over a year, so let’s see what has been posted on YouTube since then. This will be the final part before the next album. Check out the previous parts in this ongoing series:

Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V and Part VI (some of the older links may not work anymore).

156 (piano/clarinet), 156 (acoustic/vocals), Apocalypso (bass), Apocalypso (drums), Beach (drums), Circuitry of the Wolf (guitar), Comforting Sounds (full arrangement), Hawaii Dream (piano/vocals), Quietly (full arrangement), Snow Brigade (full arrangement), Snowflake (full arrangement/The Sockets), Symmetry (full arrangement), Symmetry (acoustic/vocals), Symmetry (acoustic/vocals + birthday greetings).

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