Frenger’s Got Talent – Part VI

We haven’t done this in ages, so let’s see what YouTube has to offer us now. Check out the previous parts in this ongoing series:

Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV and Part V (some of the older links may not work anymore).

156 (full arrangement), 156 (drums), Am I Wry? No (drums), Am I Wry? No (drums), Behind the Drapes (instrumental), Comforting Sounds (acoustic/vocals), Comforting Sounds (full arrangement), Comforting Sounds (acoustic/vocals), Comforting Sounds (electro/instrumental), She Came Home for Christmas (acoustic/vocals), She Spider (full band), She Spider (acoustic/vocals), Silas the Magic Car (shorter arrangement), Small Ambulance/Do You Love It? (full band), Snow Brigade (drums), Special (bass), Special (long version) (guitar), Succubus (acoustic/vocals), Symmetry (acoustic/vocals), Symmetry (full arrangement), Symmetry (acoustic/vocals)… and then there’s The Zookeeper’s Boy (something).

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