Finally… The Australian Live Shows

This has been a long project for Mew to perform in Australia where fans have been waiting for years. Frengers from down under even started a campaign for this cause about six years ago, but the shows never happened, even when they were playing somewhere “nearby” in Southeast Asia. This seemed to bother the band as well, and they sure have been trying to go there for years now… But, the wait is over…

This would be Mew’s first ever Summer tour in December:


A concert ticket for any of these shows goes for 65 Australian dollars plus fees. Does anyone know the size of either of the Max Watt’s venues? At least Manning Bar has almost a 1000-people capacity, so you probably get the ticket easily there. Trip down memory lane: read our little Mewstralia-article from five years ago.

Also, as it would be quite a trip to do only three shows on the other side of the globe, some other dates (Japan? Korea? Indonesia?) may be announced later. At least it would make sense.

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