‘Cartoons And Macramé Wounds’ Added To Setlist

The day before yesterday Mew played Cartoons and Macramé Wounds live for the first time ever (at Detroit Bar, Costa Mesa, California) and this means that they have played nine tracks out of the fourteen No More Stories-songs so far (some only acoustically, though). Only the intermezzos, Vaccine, Tricks of the Trade and Reprise are yet to be performed live.


No More Stories has dropped to #8 on its fourth week on Finnish album chart when it was #4 just last week. Three popular local bands released their new albums in Finland this week, so it was expected that Mew would drop a few spots anyway. Also, the album dropped to #16 in Norway on its third week.


Jonas Bjerre’s side project Apparatjik launched their website earlier today. This website is quite an artistic labyrinth and may require some patience while browsing through the confusing pages (that contain pictures, videos and songs). Username = Tachyons, password = scrambledeggcombshow – and you should be good to go.

10 thoughts on “‘Cartoons And Macramé Wounds’ Added To Setlist”

  1. Ohh, that is good news. I definetely want to hear Vaccine and Tricks as well, but the current setlist is certainly mouth-watering. I wonder if this will bring more variation to their concerts.

    I noticed the drop on the Norwegian chart, and have also noticed that the coming concert has sold much more slowly then last time. The age restriction section is almost sold out, but not the gallery.

  2. The website is interesting indeed….

    I too would like to hear Trics of the Trade and Vaccine live. Those are two of my favs….but truthfully, I like Queen when they sang ‘I’m in love with my car’, instead I’m singing, “I’m in love with MEW’s new cd…” lol

  3. I love the “ruled out by apparjitik’s” toy on the brain density/dark energy face of the cube.

    Cute pic of the guys on the “ruled out by our mother’s” link. The jackets rule.

    And because I love snowflakes, was so happy to see all the various snowflake types pop up every now and again.


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