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Mew played two shows in Mexico just this week and are now on a well-deserved six-week long tour break. The 20+ European shows are scheduled next, starting from late October. Some of the venues are quite small (like the 500-capacity Gebäude 9 in Cologne, Germany) and some are massive (the 7000-capacity Old Ice Hall in Helsinki, Finland). Despite the size of the venue, the Helsinki show is almost sold out with unprecedented 40€ ticket price (four times the price compared to some shows) making it Mew’s most profitable solo show ever. Rumour has it that Mew will be returning to North America after this tour.

Time will show how Mew will spend the following weeks. One could expect Silas the Magic Car getting a full-band treatment, because they have only played it acoustically so far. Some have seen the odd screen behind Silas Graae’s drum set and it would be exciting if Mew planned to have separate backdrops just behind the drummer during that song. Maybe. Many are also hoping to catch Vaccine and Tricks of the Trade live. The latter being a tough one, but they pulled it off with New Terrain, too. They just use background tape.

Mew posted a picture of the enthusiastic crowd from Mexico. Also, some fake band-merchandise was spotted. Can’t blame them, Mexicans have waited for Mew for years and now it finally happened. They even showed Mew some love by throwing paper planes during Comforting Sounds as seen in the end of this video. Now that the Mewxico Project successfully got their favourite band visiting the country, Mewstralia are dying to get Mew to Australia and New Zealand. The Danes have never played ‘down under’ and should add that MySpace-link on their top friends’ list. Just a suggestion.

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  1. Are you my Silas, are You? My Silas aaare you?

    I just want you to know that your show in Mexico City was the best I’ve ever been to, it was so beautiful, I even cried.

    I hope you come back soon to play more shows.

    I love you sooo much.

  2. And a damn good suggestion it is!!!

    We totally sent them a message on MySpace but it’s still ‘Unread’ 😛

    But I think the time is right for them to start paying attention to us. At this point we have over 400 fans on our Facebook page alone, and this is not counting MySpace etc. We’ve only been going for about 3.5 weeks. The band (the song IPP in particular) has also garnered some radio play and its video a couple of TV appearances.

    So it’s happening…

  3. I’m so happy for the Mexicans, really. They waited for so long! We Dutch are a bit spoiled 😛
    And yes, they should go to Australia as well! Perhaps a nice idea for winter, because then it’s summer over there 😉

  4. Thanks, yes yes yes they should come down under!! Beautiful down here at the moment – I sat in the sun and ate my lunch and realised just how perfect a summer it’s going to be. So really, they ought to come and enjoy it with us and do some shows. And if you’re scared by Amelia’s comments, just skip over the ‘ditch’ to NZ. 😛

    (No, really, we want both countries covered – it’s only fair!! Plus those of us more dedicated will likely make the trip to the other side to see them as much as we can, ha).

    So, dear frengers, encourage your Antipodean friends to sign up and join up and help us bring them this way… they’ll love it, and we will too. 🙂

  5. About the fake merchandise, was so funny to saw kasper, saying this is illegal and the sr, who was selling the merchandise ,doesnt understood a word, when kasper try to bought some coffee cups for the band, the sr didnt want to sell anything to kasper and he got very very mad.

    In general, both date were amazing, both venues were full of frengers, like 2000 frengers in each date, tha band couldnt believe it, they were so happy, the crowd sang every song, so you could see how jonas, bo, silas, bastian, watts, kasper, jj and the other guys were lookin each other saying, wtf they know every song, but the best part was when jonas say “gracias”, the bo solo, when jonas thanks to mewxico project for every effort they did, we should come back soon, and mexico you make me so happy, and of course meeting the guys in both dates, so it was the best gig ever!!!

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